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RF Precision Cables Inc. is an industry leader specializing in manufacturing of premier custom Low PIM, fiber and coaxial cable assemblies for a wide variety of markets including wireless carriers, DAS installations, infrastructure, public safety and medical industries.  All custom cable assemblies are made from the highest quality RF components available. Cables are hand made in house by a highly trained technician; each cable is PIM and Sweep tested to ensure quality and performance. RF Precision Cables Inc. also supplies a full range of RF components for all applications such as connectors, adapters, attenuators, terminations and power dividers. Since 2001, it is our pleasure to be serving the communication industry with quality products.


4.3/10 Female Low PIM Cable

Low PIM Cable Assembly

Fiber Optic Cable Assembly


Fiber-Optic Jumpers


 Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Low PIM Adapter

Low PIM Adapters

Fiber Adapter

Fiber-Optic Adapter



Low PIM Attenuator

Low PIM Attenuators

Fiber Attenuator

Fiber-Optic Attenuators



Low PIM Power Divider

Low PIM Power Dividers

Fiber Pigtails

Fiber-Optic Pigtails

Power Divider

Power Dividers

Low PIM Termination

Low PIM Terminations

Low PIM Products